2018 Apple Event Reaction

14 09 2018

Apple revealed their latest flagship smartphones for this year and here are my thoughts to that as well as my reaction to the whole event:


While I am disappointed there were no new hardware announced this year aside from the MacBook Pro update earlier in the year, I know in recent years Apple has reserved a hardware announcement for MacBooks and iPads in October, so I shall have to continue to wait and see what Apple has in store. This may also be why there have been no leaks into a newly/redesigned MacBook (I doubt that) or why Acer’s new Swift 7 or ASUS’ new ZenBook line have no price listing yet (both of them are waiting to see if Apple does indeed introduce a new product, they can provide a price that that is competitive to Apple’s computer).

iPad Pro

The same feelings I have with the lack of a MacBook hardware announcement, but am looking forward to the October event.

Apple Watch

Huge announcement on the Apple Watch with Series 4. Updated design with slightly larger frame, thin bezels and build as well as a faster processor (which is the most requested as previous versions are slow in app loads). 16 GB of storage and ceramic and sapphire crystal backs are now standard across both GPS and Cellular versions. Extra storage is certainly required for music playlist storage. One of the best upgrades I’ve noticed is Series 4 being Bluetooth 5.0 which allows more than 1 device to be connected at the same time.

I’m definitely going to be purchasing the Series 4 watch as my first entry in Apple’s watch ecosystem (I fear watchOS will take some time getting used to). I’ve already ordered third-party watch bands of my choice as they are now backwards compatible and vice versa (the length of the frame as only increased, not the width).

2018 iPhone Xs, Xr and Xs Max

A Plus sized version of last year’s X was well-known to appear. Reporters, reviewers and the general public have been requesting it for months, especially when you compare the X with an iPhone 8 Plus. Now there is a notched bezel-less version of that with the iPhone XS Max. It’s a huge device in the same footprint because it houses a much larger screen. Whoever owns the device will need some time getting used to the name because it isn’t as easy to say than the iPhone #/#s Plus phones.

The iPhone Xr caught me by surprise. It is clearly an update to the well-known ‘budget’ iPhone SE phone that played homage to the classic iPhone 4 design. It also marks Apple’s departure from the Steve Jobs era of phone design to what I can only now equate as the Jony Ive era of phone design. Of course, Jony Ive contributed to the iPhone 4 design more than Steve Jobs, but Jobs lived most of his life during that era while Jony is overseeing the notched design of iPhones. Everything about the Xr is almost the same as the Xs and Xs Max beside the obvious. The most notable is the display being LCD with slightly larger bezels. The device itself is larger with a bigger display size than the Xs. Camera is inferior, so photos and videos won’t look as good, but selfies will. The battery life seems to last as much as the Xs Max, too. I cannot say who this phone is for, maybe the Indian or Chinese markets (because it is the cheapest of the bunch) or teenagers or mums that want ‘big’ phones without spending for things they don’t need.

The iPhone Xs marks Apple’s venture back into the [s] cycle. As a smartphone photographer, the following 2018 iPhone features entice me very much: the Portrait Mode with Advanced Bokeh and Depth Control, Smart HDR, HDR for Videos (though limited to 30 fps only), and selfie video at 60 fps with stabilization. Battery life has also improved, but that I think it has to do with the updated processor and Apple’s iOS working very well together than a bigger battery (which may or may not be updated in the Xs and Xr in comparison with last year’s X). I’m going to wait three months to decide if I want to sell my X to get the Xs. I need to see some specific reviews, photos and videos that take advantage of those specific features. I don’t think the A12 Bionic processor in the Xs is a lot faster than the A10 vs A11 like we saw with the iPhone 7 v iPhone X, but it will make some impact in the day to day life. Most, if not many features are baked into iOS 12, anyway. Making the background bokeh after the fact is something I have been recently interested in, but I want to know if that can be done with any photo, even those that don’t necessarily have any bokeh capabilities because foreground and background are of negligible distance. The value or clarity of bokeh is also importance to me as bokeh in phones and cameras are not all the same. Some are terrible or bad, others are good or excellent. No one smartphone does this precisely or uniformly, but iPhones do come close to uniformity.

One more thing…

There have been no one more thing announcements for the September event. No hint of Project Titan, no touch upon Macs or the long awating Modular Mac Pro. They look to be playing certain cards only, to create more anticipation for their next product in line.

Apple Event 2018

12 09 2018

Apple revealed their latest flagship smartphone that happened to be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone last year. That had led to waves upon waves of copycats and adopters to ride the ‘if you can’t make money doing your own thing, do what Apple does and profit’. While the iPhone X took centre stage for obvious reasons, Apple did also announce a few key features or improvements at the 2017 event and throughout the year regarding their other products and services, such as MacOS and iPad. Those announcements were not game changers in anyway to the direction of what they envision with those respective products and services, but I am excited to hear about what they have in store this year, because let’s face it – somethings are long overdue. Here is a list of all the things I am looking forward to hearing about:


Rumours are Apple is looking to announce a long awaited ‘MacBook’ or MacBook Air replacement. I am really looking forward to hearing about this: the features, performance, price, but most importantly the build and design. Will Apple finally be moving to a slimmer bezel/bezel-less entry level MacBook? There have been no leaks of this which makes me sad because it might not appear, but I really want it to so I can seriously consider getting an Apple computer that looks as good as their current generation of flagship phones. This has to be the year, surely? Acer and ASUS have introduced slim bezel computers are IFA this year and Apple who were once the pioneer of this space needs to catchup!

iPad Pro

I have no doubt, the iPad Pro is Apple’s ploy into killing the entry-level MacBook line-up of products and I fully support this move as soon as the iPad Pro can replicate the performance and tasks of the strongest of MacBook and MacBook Air’s (but not the MacBook Pro, because that will continue to be Apple’s signature portable performance machine – until ARM replaces Intel). Sadly, I have mixed feelings about this. On one side I want Apple to update the long awaited MacBook/Air entry computer and on another want to see more from the iPad Pro to rival those computers. If the rumours of a slim bezel iPad Pro in the same vein as the iPhone X are real, that would make me 95% convinced on getting their latest iPad Pro (though a few more features need to be added to make the transition from computer use to keyboard on a tablet use fluent – mostly regarding third-party apps and split screen use – and I hope these features are promiment in the latest upcoming version of iOS).

Either way, because I going back to school next year, I shall be getting either one of a Windows based machine from Acer or ASUS, a MacBook from Apple if they introduce a new entry level machine or an slim bezel iPad Pro with the required accessories to emulate a laptop at a budget I have in mind.

Apple Watch

As a collector of unique watches in different colours, styles and workmanship (gold, silver, black and rose gold in a mixed combination of leather and nylon with time/date indicators and different movements, in addition to glass ranging from crystal to sapphire), the only two things missing from my collection is a smartwatch and mesh band. I even have a classic (dual analog and digital) CASIO watch with a resin band. Apple’s Watch series have been very intriguing, but the lack of certain features for my needs with tangible reasons to get one has put me on hold. Despite other people’s view on the square/rectangular design, I have fallen in love with Apple approach to the whole concept of a ‘smart’ watch. Providing time is simple and any company can do it, as shown from my own collection, but being ‘smart’ first is most important. Unfortunately, simply due to the sheer size, cramming a lot of features and technology in a watch is hard based on the update cycle of the watch alone. This year may be different from a design approach, but I don’t foresee any new hardware features being added, unfortunately. My most requested feature that I want to see on an Apple Watch is some sort of non-iPhone reliant GPS based but not Cellular based speedometer or odometer. I like to cycle on my bike and if I could see my speed or distance travelled with an Apple Watch without my phone would be hugely helpful. Having a phone when biking is just an added weight that I really don’t need either. Of course, this can be achieved with the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular edition, but sadly only two carriers offer this in my region and I could technically get it at the cost of losing my current rate because I am on the same network as one of those two carriers. It is also an expensive added cost at $10/month on top of current plans. If there was some other method to get the cellular version to work in my region with my current carrier or other carriers (like starting a new phone plan with a carrier) at a lower rate, such as $5-7, I would really jump on this. Nevertheless, I have hope and expect the Apple Watch to someday be on my wrist (may even be this year if they can convince me with their upgrade).

2018 iPhone X

As one of the first Gen 1 iPhone X user, I don’t expect to upgrade my $1500 CAD phone, but as a ‘smartphone’ photographer, the improvements on the camera – if tangibly impressive – may force me to consider it. Though, I don’t want to have to replace my accessories. I know there may be a cheaper LCD version of the phone with the same camera (perhaps), but having first used OLED on a PS Vita and now an iPhone X, there is no going back to LCD for me. Blacks and Whites are deep and colours are more accurate with more ranges, with the display being P3. On a full-screen device like the iPhone X, OLED is the perfect match.

Aside from camera, the only hardware advancements or features that I have heard about is in regards to Face ID and battery. I will be a little disappointed if Face ID doesn’t get any improvements from iOS 12 because right now it is rather slow (-er than Touch ID, but more reliable) and only through the new iPhones. Apple is touting the 2018 iPhone X or Xs or whatever it is called will have big improvements and features, but the only thing I know for sure, the Plus version will introduce something exclusive like Apple has done previously. Battery and speed are obviously another factor, but having used iOS 10 on my iPhone 7 and then upgrading to iOS 11 on the 7, I noticed quite an improvement that I don’t think will matter with the processing and battery improvements on the 2018 iPhone X if you can get similar results from the OS upgrade.

I’m not one of those yearly upgrading chumps as I’ve only used the 7 and X (7 being my first iOS/Apple device), but certain (new) technology improvements and features do tickle my fancy. One thing is for sure, I am more excited to hear and see about a new MacBook or iPad Pro redesign than a new iPhone (especially because the new iPhones will look identical to the 2017 X).

One more thing…

Project Titan details? Modular Mac Pro details? HomeKit/Siri-related partnership or products? Apple is touting this event quite largely with Twitter getting a stream for the first time. Will there be a surprise or shocker announcement? *fingers crossed* Surely they are preparing for the two biggest announcements of 2019 (Modular Mac Pro) and 2020 (Project Titan) respectively, with something for 2018?

Terrace House in the City Review

17 04 2018

I’m back! I don’t have the time to write on my blog nowadays, but seeing that I wanted to talk about what I recently saw, I had to get my thoughts out in the open. This is something that absolutely requires discussion, as well.

So, I recently came across this franchise after a referral from a friend on Facebook. I had no idea what to expect as I try to avoid reality shows like avoiding fire ants. I went through a weird beginning by starting with the latest Opening New Doors and then the first series in the franchise, Boys x Girls Next Door, but had to stop watching both due to complicated reasons. Opening New Doors has only just begun and released on Netflix every two weeks while Netflix itself doesn’t provide the English subtitles with the latest, but whole seasons or parts. Boys x Girls Next Door on the other hand isn’t available on Netflix outside of Japan at all and for some unknown reasons, fan translations have appeared years later. How does such a popular show that got bought by Netflix not have its first season available in other territories and translations appear three seasons later? Nevertheless, I tried to make through all the references to the first season with Opening New Doors and while it is the most entertaining of them all, Boys x Girls Next Door did provide the backdrop of the many encounters to come for following seasons.

Now, while I do want to provide my thoughts on Boys x Girls Next Door first, it is simply not completely translated yet. To make matters worse, Netflix have banned to the use of proxy and VPNs and after trying many popular and fairly obscure VPNs, I could not find a way to stream content – even if I wanted to see it raw. Accessing is possible, but watching or downloading is another matter. So that left me with being forced to watch the second season, Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City. Now, unlike other reviews that are available on the web, I will only go through each character and what I thought about them with other people they liked or didn’t like as well as in terms of the whole show.

In order of appearance (with nicknames):

Makocchan: Makoto was presumed to have the strongest personality as he was instantly liked by all three of the introductory girls. I suspect because he was the youngest of the males and played baseball in university, each girl liked that he was physically active in a sport that is pretty hard to get good in at a high level. Later we find out, his devotion and desire of urgency to better himself after his failure to make the team was greatly suffering and thus, almost all of the girls lost trust in him before he could even get the chance to properly date any of the girls and to express his love, if he truly had any. He liked Minori the most, but she herself lost trust while the other guys made a move on the girls. This of course led him to leave because there was no reason for him to stay if he couldn’t achieve the goal of the show. I thought he was the most identifiable person at the beginning, but I think fame and the lifestyle of the show took over him and he just didn’t feel like devoting his ‘off-screen’ time to his sport.

Minori: A university student and a part-time model by trade who I guess was instantly liked by male viewers because she was cute and the youngest of the bunch. She liked Makoto the most as I mentioned above and wanted to get to know him better, but Uchi made a move on her following Makoto’s departure. She, too, had similar traits as Makocchan in not devoting enough time or effort towards her modelling career after she quit a part-time job (where she apparently made more money than modelling). I didn’t find her to be the most likeable person among the females, but thought she was a good match for Uchi once they hooked up. She was the least attractive to me, as well (but that’s probably because of her immaturity at times than anything else).

Yuki/Tap: Yuki or Tap, a professional tap dancer, was definitely the most mature male among the group, but had a negative temperament in trying to boost or help the careers or life of Terrace House members. He had good advice for all of them, but his way of showing and articulating the message wasn’t great and this led him to be disliked among the girls, even if one of them found the message to be truthful. I really thought his pairing with Yuriko would happen because she seemed to openly speak about herself with him, but Yuriko’s sudden notice of leave left him high and dry. While I couldn’t relate to him, I liked him the best out of the introductory males. He showed that he had his affairs in order, but just not his love affair.

Mizuki/Barista: Mizuki is one person who I felt sorry for very much before she left. While she liked Uchi, she knew that wouldn’t work because of Minori liking him and Uchi reciprocating those feelings back to Minori. At this Makoto was already gone because of her (Mizuki) lack of trust in him. Tap was never much interested in Mizuki and only after Arman came into the picture, things changed for her. I really wanted Mizuki and Arman to hook up, but Arisa who came following the departure of Yuriko stole Arman away. Mizuki left pretty soon after. Considering Mizuki wasn’t in a high profile career or a student, a relationship with someone was absolutely needed based on the number of episodes of the first season I had seen at this point (61). I also felt she was very much representing the people or salaryman/OL.

Uchi: Amongst all of the males personalities, Uchi was my 2nd least favourite. The MEAT incident solidified my animosity for him. His pairing with Minori definitely was for the best and considering it was the first in this season, it worked out quite well even though they seemed incompatible at times. Uchi’s personality was quite strange as he was never able to get over the incident that led him to just breakdown in tears. At this point, I realized, he was truly the most emotional. Uchi was also identifiable because of his life as a hair stylist. That said, I wouldn’t mind a head massage from him myself.

Yuriko: Yuriko was definitely the cutest and smartest, but she didn’t show much desire to have a relationship with anyone even though she ‘dated’ Tap a couple of times. I personally felt like she was a deceiving person who couldn’t decide what she really wanted and was too engrossed with her career, which I don’t blame her for (studying to become a Doctor is no joke). The news of her former boyfriend not wanting to get back with her after announcing she was going to leave Terrace House because she for sure thought he would get back with her came as a huge surprise. I think it caught her off-guard as well that she decided to leave Terrace House anyway, even though she didn’t need to. I really wanted to see what her life with Tap would have become at Terrace House, but sadly I can only fantasize about this.

Arman:Arman or Ah-man as they like to say. He was the Tetsuya Sugaya of the Boys & Girls in the City season. Ever since he came he didn’t show much desire for anything. Though, to be fair, he didn’t arrive at the best time because there were little to choose from. Minori was already in a relationship, Yuriko had drama and Mizuki was the only one left. All the other guys kind of forced him to get along with Mizuki. His life outside of a relationship was pretty bleak too. He didn’t show much desire for working, working out or asking any of the girls on friendly outings for dinner or sightseeing considering he was pretty new to the country. For someone that is a half-Japanese, he spoke quite fast – probably caught many off-guard. When he finally did show desire to ask Mizuki to see her character, Arisa who was fresh off the boat caught her eyes on fresh meat. I liked Arman a lot. In many ways he was the opposite of Tetsuya Sugaya. He truly knew how to get his feelings across, although in an unorthodox manner. A very western approach that didn’t give much confidence in the girls he liked to reciprocate the feelings back to him. He was also the first POC to appear on the show. Everybody up until that point had been Japanese or half-Japanese with a western or Asian background. As a POC myself, I was relating to him a lot, but I sometimes wanted him to do more – like learn something new to please a girl.

Arisa: The workaholic who initially showed strong desire for Arman at the expense of Mizuki. If Terrace House was a dramatic show, Arisa would be the star. She took him in circles not reciprocating his like for her and didn’t answer until much later that she didn’t like him in a relationship point of view. Something tells me she was a gold-digger as well. Her value in men might have been a figure in the realm of Han-san. Someone like her that had a good educational background with a stable job or potential to a great job and able to satisfy her needs. She obviously liked Arman for his personality, charms and body, but nothing more. I think Arman lazing around and not focusing on work or anything in particular didn’t help his cause with Arisa. But then again, at the very first encounter I knew Arisa was cunning like Yuriko. Arisa holding Arman’s hands was weird during their trail date. Even friends don’t do that unless they are really close, like childhood friends. I was confused by that and still am to this day. Nevertheless, Arisa like Mizuki is a beautiful career woman.

Hikaru: From the very outset, Hikaru wasn’t a person I liked because of his young age and playboy-type nature. I was pretty bemused when he said he was a model AND construction worker. You never see those things together anywhere. Why was he a construction worker when he has the chops to being great as a model? Was it to justify or say he is able to fit in with the hardest type of workers in Japan? I thought he was very much narcissistic. He also didn’t show much desire to get into a relationship even though he said most of his relationships in the part were with older women (he could have got together with Nacchan as she came at the same time). I’m curious to know why this was the case. Did each of those women date this young boy to please their inner desires? I think he was very much their boy-toy, as they say. He probably accepted that too. Misaki was the only girl that showed any interest in him later on. And I don’t know what she saw in him, but Hikaru played her to the point of rejecting her with some pretty hurtful comments. Had it not been for Uchi’s MEAT incident, Hikaru would have been my 2nd least liked person in the show. What I liked about him the most is that he never got on the toes of the other male members and their interests. He created a great relationship with Arman that both are good friends to this day.

Nacchan: Well, well, well… Now I’ve come to the Oni. Nacchan never seemed to get along with two of the three girls she met in her time there. First it was Minori and then it was Misaki. She couldn’t understand the relationship between Minori and Uchi and the unorthodox dynamic they had and then with Misaki when she (Misaki) just came back from Hikaru’s rejection and getting angry about being drunk. Nacchan clearly didn’t consider the feelings of Minori and Misaki, respectively, in those situations. She frequently got into arguments and was quite selfish by only thinking about herself. The commentators thought she had a case of split personality (named Fuyumi), too – like there was a darker side to her. She, too, like Hikaru was a model, but judging by her shoots, a sports (golf) model. Obviously, she was my least liked person in the whole show, but I did find her attractive at times. Her Kansai accent was probably because of it. I think she’s a very likeable character in general, but not among girls unknown people she doesn’t know very well in complicated or ‘trying to get into’ relationships.

Misaki: Misaki Tamori. The most genuine female character in the show. She didn’t fall into any particular social or stereotypical bracket such as being a girly-type (i.e. Minori) or smart (i.e. Mizuki) or a workaholic (i.e. Arisa). Misaki had a very innocent charm and humourous at times with her silly antics. On her arrival, she mentioned that she was an entertainer, but didn’t say anything more about that. I was a bit perplexed why. We later see that she was part of an idol group of some kind. Her confession to Hikaru didn’t end well, nor her relationship with Nacchan. Though, like Arman, she stayed for the remaining weeks and did redeem herself with Yuuki who appreciated her for herself. To be honest, I fell in love with Misaki on first sight. Of course, I liked other female characters on the show like Mizuki, but Misaki seemed the most genuine and there was an auro to her that seemed to show she was revealing her true self – like she wasn’t hiding anything like Rikopin and Hayato did.

Han-san: At his time of arrival, Han-san was the oldest and certainly the most mature in the entire series. He showed an adult perspective towards relationships, helping to resolve critical situations and willingness to assist in anything that anybody needed. That said, considering he was already in a relationship prior to his arrival, it was certain he wouldn’t pursue one at Terrace House, albeit Nacchan almost has a fishing date with him. Career-wise, he and I share similarities and I completely understand his goals on that front. Han-san was a supportive member that was needed in the show and one of my favourites. Recently, I found out that Han-san along with Hikaru and Arman hang with each other (following the show’s end). It’s good to have a companion like Han-san among their midst.

Rikopin: An aspiring young high school student that wants to break into the modelling or rather gravure modelling industry. I always felt she was a misfit character as she was one of the youngest and even though Hikaru was present when she arrived, Hikaru didn’t show any desire for someone the same age as him (following his rejection of Misaki). Rikopin didn’t show any desire for anyone either and it almost seemed to be that she went on the show just to advertise herself for her career. Her mother was even present multiple times which more or less solidified that notion. Whether or not it was genuine, she cried after her bikini shoots, perhaps because it was completely new to her and because it was embarrassing. I was completely taken by surprise to learn that she was with Hayato in a ‘friends with benefits’ type of role. She clearly didn’t feel much for Hayato considering the age difference, but somehow still wanted to experience life. I feel like Hayato would have been better off with Rikopin’s mother.

Momo-chan: Speaking of misfit, Momo-chan had one of the shortest stay in the entire show. A ballerina by trade who not only didn’t stay long, but didn’t show any desire to date anyone. Of course, considering she didn’t attend high school and had been into ballet her entire life, that is the only thing she is good at and should focus on. I also felt the only type of person that could be good for her or rather that she desires is someone that could take the lead, has a great personality and able to be independent. At the time of her arrival, the only options she had were Han-san, Hayato and Arman. Two of which were quite older than her and one of them already having an existing relationship. Hayato wasn’t available either because he liked Rikopin early on. Arman, on the other hand, didn’t show any desire for Momo-chan. I’m not sure what the producers thought introducing her in the show.

Hayato-kun: Hayato, a chef apprentice that arrived following the departure of Hikaru. As the oldest, Hayato quickly became a mysterious personnel amongst the Terrace House members. He felt drawn to Rikopin as soon as he arrived and went on multiple dates with her. What we as viewers didn’t know was behind the scenes while cameras were not running, Rikopin and Hayato had an illicit relationship while trying to show viewers while the cameras were on that they were friends, but not a couple largely due to the age difference. As Rikopin was entering the gravure modelling industry, she didn’t want to tarnish it with a scandal. Likewise, Hayato thought he would get away with his ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Both Yuuki and Arman spilled the beans on this matter. In the end, he still felt the desire to be with Rikopin, but she didn’t feel like that at the end.

Yuuki: A half-Japanese and American hip hop dancer who became the only and most suitable counterpart for Misaki. There is a bit of a slow build-up concering Yuuki’s desire for a driver’s license and wanting to drive Misaki for a date, but once that is resolved and Yuuki does get his driver’s license, things most pretty smoothly. The best part of Yuuki’s charm was to reciprocate his likeness for Misaki at Yokohama, the place where she was rejected by Hikaru. It added a lot for his character because there isn’t much available about him. He too, like Misaki, is not available anywhere on social media, nowadays.

Martha: The saviour of Arman during this Terrace House series. Not much was revealed about Martha beside beings half-Japanese and Filipino as well as a model. Arman instantly liked her and Martha reciprocated those feelings once she understood like Arman really did like her. They quickly became a couple and the rest was history as they are still a couple to this day, apparently. I was relieved Arman finally found someone that wanted to be with him just as much as he wanted to be with that person, despite his shortcomings or faults. Of course, it wasn’t drama free as Martha did like Hayato initially, but Hayato quickly turned her down. What I loved during this series was the closeness of Arman and Martha brought together from an skateboarding accident – Martha genuinely showed sorriness and desire to care. Nonetheless, thanks to Martha, Arman successfully showed his differentiating factor versus Tetsuya.

Footnotes: I recently read Mizuki was asked to be on the show while the rest of the introductory members had to audition. I don’t know how I feel about this, honestly. The show claims to be script-free, but these moments somewhat make me question the motives of the creators. Obviously, a high degree of people that are auditioning are people who are trying to break into the entertainment industry – whether that be modelling or acting. I also wonder how many non-pretty people audition for the show, because every single person from all the episodes of the first two seasons I have seen to this point seem to be perfect behind a camera with or without makeup. Their choice of fashion or clothes gives that away too (though in the big picture, I think this part is very much scripted). We have yet to see a fat or plus-size women or man in the show – and while I do know these type of people are not very common among the broader demographic of the Japanese population, I would nevertheless like to see one (I am aware Aloha State had one – but that is another discussion to be had once I’m done with it).

I also read that Misaki‘s home was once raided by television crew to get a glimpse of her messy lifestyle after she mentioned she didn’t like cleaning. Video evidence of her apartment showed her apartment being like a very big messy storage house. I don’t know if that was the cause of Hikaru not liking per in the end, but that sort of thing shouldn’t really be the judge of someone’s personality or attitude towards others. Personally, I feel like Misaki and I share similarities on this ground. This fact (of her being messy) made me like her even more. That said, I am strangely confused why a character like Misaki appeared on the show in the first place. I was somewhat taken by surprise when I read she is part of a musical group named Ebisu Muscats who are primarily made up of former or present gravure idols and AV idols. I understand Japan is very much accepting of gravure idols in entertainment, but Adult Video idols? Now I know Misaki is not one (as far as I am aware at this point in time – she isn’t a gravure idol either – so she could very much later be in the AV business), but I feel bringing people related to the porn industry diminishes the authenticity and innocent nature of the show, especially after it was bought by Netflix who desired to bring the show globally and that sort of thing doesn’t fly very well in certain countries like the US and Canada.

おくさん Okusan Raw Chapter 50

19 04 2014

Chapter 50: Uploadable

This month’s serial. Marks the 50th chapter of Okusan and roughly 1500 pages of Okusan boobies. 😀

おくさん Okusan Raw Chapter 49

14 04 2014

Chapter 49: Uploadable

Caught up to the latest chapter before this month’s serial.

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10 04 2014

Chapter 47: Uploadable

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